Chasing after the tallest waterfall, searching for the most breathtaking landscape from the top of a mountain, running (literally) from wildlife in Yellowstone, and dodging busy city drivers in historical settings....this is how my whirlwind of an obsession for photography began.

As much as I enjoyed my adventures with my buddy Nikon, I started focusing more of my time on the people around me, documenting the lives of close friends and family. Through them, I fell in love with the art of photojournalism, and gained the desire to learn to produce the best quality possible.

My first wedding was in 2008, and BAM!....Bill Bauer Photography was born. I was unstoppable. My fiance couldn’t pry my camera out of my hands, I was on fire! Countless weddings and many photo shoots later, I stand back in awe of how many people I’ve met and humbled by how they welcomed me into their lives, at their most treasured milestones. Nothing is cooler than reminiscing on that giddy engagement session as I’m capturing their tear-filled eyes while holding their first-born child. Six years later....and anticipating all of the weddings and events that I am lucky enough to have already in my near future, I couldn’t be happier.

Annapolis, MD is where I call home with my wife Tammy and our awesome son, Sebastian. Of course, life would not be complete without our mischievous Norwegian elkhound, Weegie, or our semi-homicidal cat, Tink. Life is good!

I’m constantly in search for the next story I can tell through my camera lens....and at larger events, I can still manage to get that adrenaline rush I found running from a pretty ticked-off moose out west.

Contact me to find out how I can join you on your next life adventure.​